Technology Trends – October 2010 update

Around this time last year I wrote a blog post showing technology trends for browsers and operating systems as reported by Google Analytics for my blog and some mainstream websites.

Since then the world has moved on and the trends continue to evolve. New technology arrives, old technology slowly withers.

For the moment, it is interesting (to me, at least) to see what the trends are for my own blog.

Operating System

Windows XP is fading, not as fast as I’d hope, but still it is now below 50% of visits. On the other hand Windows 7 is rising fast and sitting at 38% in the space of just over a year. The biggest hit is for people moving away from Windows Vista, that’s where most of the market share is being lost from.

Other operating systems, such as MacOS and Linux don’t feature very heavily, bobbing around the 2% to 5% without much real movement. I’m not completely surprised by that, my blog is mostly aimed at .NET Development which is a Microsoft developer technology.



While Operating System technology is being dominated by Microsoft they are losing share on the Browser front. While IE is still the more prevalent browser its share is being eroded, not by FireFox as I would have thought, but by Google’s offering, Chrome.

FireFox has stayed fairly steady over the last three years bobbing around the 30% to 40% mark. IE has gone from just shy of 70% to just over 40%. Meanwhile Chrome has risen from nothing to just under 20%.

Other browsers, such as Opera and Safari, don’t really make that much of an impact.


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