C'mon! Get with the programme!

Oracle really need to learn how to write software properly. Especially as a simple thing like a space in the file path can defeat it. All applications on my system are installed in C:Program Files without exception. That keeps everything nice and tidy and I don’t have lots of crazy folders hanging around in odd places.

Microsoft, over 10 years ago now, made a massive effort to clean up where various files should go and created an API so that any developer can get the name of one of these special directories. This is excellent because it means that you can have locale specific folder names and software still works and knows where files are located or are to be installed by default because the operating system handles it all.

Oracle Installation

That is except if you are Oracle. The company seems to think it can get away with not putting files in the right place. And…. Well…. I guess it has got away with it because I don’t seem to have a choice if I want to install their software. I must install it in a path with no spaces in it and C:Program Files has a space in it.

I know it might sound like a minor thing, but I like to keep my primary partition (C: drive) nice and clean and without clutter. Now, I have to clutter it with a folder that should, logically if not physically, go somewhere else.

This does not endear me to Oracle one little bit.

NOTE: This was rescued from the Google Cache. The original date was Saturday, 13th May 2006.


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