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Various people in the UK IT Community are putting together a wiki to act as a repository of speakers, user groups, presentations and events. A start was made on it over the weekend and it is beginning, slowly, to take shape. Myself and fellow Scottish Developer John Thomson worked on getting the speaker’s profile right yesterday and today and I think we’ve pretty much got there. We used my profile to work on and experiment with the design. We now just have to create a template based on that and get other speaker profiles filled in and listed in the appropriate indexes.

The profile contains, we hope, all the information a user group would need to find and approach a potential speaker. For example: past work, qualifications, awards, professional affiliations and so on are provided to satisfy someone that the speaker is qualified to speak on a subject.  A section on geographic areas covered and expenses exist so that there is no doubt about what it will cost to book the speaker and whether they would even consider travelling to a certain area. Finally, contact information is given so that the speaker can be contacted.

There are one or two tweaks still to be sorted out, but the substance is there now.

Links: UK Community Wiki,  Speaker Profile for Colin Angus Mackay.


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