Community Update

I’ve been a bit busy recently, so I’ve finally got round to blogging about upcoming community events. As it has all stacked up it is all going in one post.


Guy Smith-Ferrier will be talking to the North East Scotland .NET User Group in Dundee on the 2nd October about “Visual Studio 2005 IDE Tips and Tricks

Guy Smith-Ferrier will be talking to Scottish Developers in Edinburgh on the 3rd October about “Astoria” and Using ClickOnce and XBAPs to deploy Windows Forms and WPF applications.

SQLBits is full, although a waitlist is in operation, so you can always register and hope for a cancellation.

Jim Paterson, author of The Definitve Guide to db4o,  will be talking to Scottish Developers in Glasgow on the 10th October about db4o: An embedable database for object oriented environments.


Frank Kerrigan and Steve Phillips will be talking to Scottish Developers in Glasgow in a joint event with the Scottish SQL Server User Group on the 14th November.

DDD6 has been announced. It will be held on 24th November and, as usual, it is at the Microsoft Campus in Reading. There is also a poll for to find out where you want DDD7 to be as they are going to move it around. At the moment the North East of England is winning! So, everyone from Scotland needs to get on that website and vote for Scotland!!!


Rob Lally will be talking to Scottish Developers in Glasgow about GWT and GUICE on the 12th December.


Developer Day Scotland will be taking place in Spring 2008. Watch this space for more information.



  1. You’ve not told us what Frank and Steve are talking about!

  2. Frank and Steve will be talking about SQL Server. More specifically:Frank will be talking about Reporting ServicesSteve will be talking about managed code and SQL Server.The exact detail is yet to be decided on.

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