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I’ve noticed that I have about double the number of followers than those that I am following. I’m not entirely sure what that means. I’m only following people that I’ve actually met. Does that mean I say interesting things, or are people just randomly following in the hope that I’ll follow them back. And if it is the latter then what do they get out of it? (Especially if I don’t know them)

If I look at most of the tweets that I make I would say that the majority would only be relevant to people that I know. Most of the rest are notifications of new blog posts and such (which can be received from an RSS feed anyway) So I wonder why others are following me.

So, a request: If you follow me on Twitter and I don’t (yet) follow you back, then would you be so kind as to let me know why? I’m always curious about these things. If you think I would benefit from following you in return then why should I reciprocate?

Don’t know what I’m talking about? http://twitter.com/ColinMackay

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  1. Dave Evans says:

    Hi Colin, I am new to Twitter (@DaveDev) so just trying it out. We met at SQLBits in the hotel bar after the bowling. I added you and Craig to my Twitter following – just out of interest. I am using Twitter really as an experiment, just to see what useful information I get out of it. I am also using Twitter Track to filter for keywords which is proving enlightening. There seems to be 2 sorts of Twitterers – the ones that do it all the time (Scobles) and the rest who do it randomly. As more people do this it will need better tools to sort out the signal to noise ratio.

  2. Hi Dave,First off you’ll have to forgive my terrible memory. I have to admit that I have to meet people a couple of times before I remember them.

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