I've been podcasted!

Oh no! I’ve been podcasted. Craig Murphy caught up with me at SQL Bits and demanded to know what I thought of the sessions that I attended. I’m not sure if I really am that repetitious of if it was just that we stopped and started recording a few times because the background noise got a bit excessive at times and I had to restart what I was saying.

Just to make sure I got something out of it too I told him about two SQL Events coming up here in Scotland. On the 24th October there is a talk about SQL Backups (and I’m doing a micro-presentation on SQL Injection Attacks). Then on the 14th November there are two talks about different aspects of SQL Server. The first is the start on a series on Reporting Services, this is the “Introduction to Reporting Services”. The second in a talk about SQL Server Managed Objects (SMOs). All of the above events are free.

You can download the podcast from Craig Murphy’s blog.

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