Rant of the Day: I hate low fares airlines.

And that is me being diplomatic! There is no point in me naming the airline because, quite frankly, they are all at it. They are all as bad as each other as far as I can see.

Why do they insist on displaying the fare sans taxes and charges. If they are not optional then they need to be included in the fare. I can’t NOT pay taxes. I can’t NOT pay the airport charge.

If it is an optional element then allow that to be added, if the item must be paid in order for me to simply board the plane and get to my destination then roll it into the flight price. If they want to show how “unfair” the tax or airport charges are then split it up on the final confirmation page. I do not, repeat NOT, like being told £30 for the fare and discover another £28 of hidden mandatory extra charges later on.

I hate them all!

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