Tesco, Your car wash sucks

Earlier today I was at Tesco to refuel my car and I noticed that it was a bit overdue for a wash, so when I paid for my fuel I also purchased a voucher for the car wash. It was the premium super-duper all singing all dancing wash for £6.

When I drove round to where the car wash was there was a queue of three people in front of me so I had to wait. There was a chap at the jet wash too and I noticed that he was much slower. By the time my turn came around he was still there washing his car. In fact, by the time I wash finished he was still washing his car, he must have put much more money in that machine than I did for the car wash. In hindsight, I think he took the better decision. Why?

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicWhen I got home, I went to open the boot to retrieve my shopping and I noticed that the back of the car was still dirty. Sure, bits of it were clean, and all of it was still wet, but it was obvious that the bushes on the rollers don’t clean very well. Or maybe they don’t clean cars with near vertical rears (like the Toyota Yaris) very well. I could still wipe my finger through the dirt. And here’s a picture just to show you. (You can click the image to see it full size and you can see my finger mark in the remaining dirt)

All I can say is that I’ll not be back to Tesco to use their car wash again. If I do find myself there, I may just use the Jet Wash like the other chap did. That seemed the more sensible solution.

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