Browser wars

Every so often I update my chart of the technologies people use to view my blog. The last time was back in October last year, and the chart as it looks now is very interesting. The three major browsers (Internet Explorer, Fire Fox and Chrome) are now converging at around 30% share each. Other browsers […]

A bit of Google Analytics on my Blog

In the summer of 2007 I added Google Analytics to my blog. Here is some trivia I’ve learned since then Browser and Operating System stats Operating System All time Last Month Windows (All) 95.23% 92.98% Windows (XP) 52.94% 36.07% Windows (Vista) 24.01% 9.40% Windows (7) 17.04% 45.70% Macintosh (All) 2.51% 3.59% Linux (All) 1.31% 1.26% […]