It happens every time (2)

After DDD5 I posted about the things that go wrong with my travel plans. Last week I went down to my company’s Maidenhead office and, as usual, something went wrong. This time I forgot my trousers.

No, I don’t mean that I turned up at my hotel and the receptionist pointed out I was just standing there in a pair or underpants. I wore jeans for the journey. I mean I forgot to bring trousers suitable for work. So, first thing on Monday morning I had to dash into Marks and Spencer to buy a new pair. And rather nice they are too.

Also, on the Monday night I discovered there was the London Geek Dinner on the Tuesday night and so I added myself to the list of attendees. When I arrived Ian Cooper was a little apprehensive at my being there. He explained that when he saw my name on the list he wondered if my travel woes were about to visit them (parts of the south of England, particularly along the Thames, had been hit by floods and it looked like it was going to get worse at that point). When I explained that my disaster for the journey had already happened he seemed a little more relaxed.


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