Developer Day Scotland

There will be a DDD (Developer! Developer! Developer!) style event in Scotland some time soon. In other words it would be on a Saturday. It would last the whole day. There would be different tracks so you could pick and choose what you wanted to see. The atmosphere would be great!

There have now been 4 very successful developer days held in Reading and a fifth one on the way. I can’t wait to get down there, but the travel is a bit of a hassle. It is over 400 miles. If it was closer to home it would be much better.

So, the call is out! If you are interested in a Developer Day Scotland then respond to this thread on the Scottish Developers website:

Alternatively, drop us an email at dds AT scottishdevelopers DOT com

The current ideas floating around would be to do this three months out of phase with the Developer Day held at TVP in Reading so they didn’t clash. It would also give people the opportunity to attend both if they wanted – There are a fair few people from Scotland travelling down to Reading for the existing DDD, so why not have some folk from the south of England travelling north to Scotland too?

At the moment we are looking out for sponsors to help pay for it all. We would like to keep it free if we can.

So, get the message out. There will be a Developer Day in Scotland! And you’re all invited.


NOTE: This blog entry was rescued from the Google Cache. The original entry was dated Friday, 8th June 2007

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