Claiming my blog in technorati

Now that I’ve moved to this new blog I want to claim it with technorati. My previous blog was claimed relatively easily as I recall. However this time there is a new “Quick Claim” feature. I don’t want to use the “Quick Claim” feature because it requires that I tell technorati my blog’s user name and password and quite frankly I don’t care about their assurances in their privacy policy I’m not handing over that information.

If companies start asking for usernames and passwords to other services a person uses it will desensitise them to the practice and make social engineering easier for the fraudsters. There was a study done about a year ago that showed that many people will hand over passwords for a bar of chocolate. So, perhaps the damage is already done.

Curiously, when I go to make my claim it asks me to chose between different methods of making a claim. Sounds okay. But it only offers me one option. And that is “Quick Claim”.

Any which way you want to look at it. I ain’t handing over that information for what ever reason. Not even for a bar of chocolate.


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