Trying to improve a Tarnished Reputation

A few days ago I blogged about the comments a person had received on their blog when they complained about a particular bank. I was shocked by the indiscriminate nature of the information these people were publishing about themselves and I posted a comment to express my incredulity at the situation.

The comment I left was this:

I was shocked when I read some of the replies to this post. You people are crazy! There are many posts here where people have posted chunks of their financial history complete with addresses, account numbers, dates and so on. Such a lax and cavilier attitude to your own personal financial information makes me very worried for any financial information my bank has offshored.

Various people commented after I added my comment and for 10 days no-one picked up the issue that I raised. Then eventually this comment was added:

Ref: 482. Colin | December 21st, 2006

Hi Colin,

I completely agree with your observation. If somebody doesn’t have sense to protect his/her own information, how do you expect them to protect others’?


This a space where you post your opinion to make your issue public, but that doesn’t mean you will publish your vital information e.g. account number/card number/telephone mumber/fax number. This way you are inviting trouble from the identity thieves. Here we are breakling our head to secure information and you are giving it out willingly ???

If you ever have noticed posts from ICICI bank, they always ask you to write them with details to a certain email address. Have you ever pondered why they just don’t pick that up from your post and do the needful? So ICICI will not take your information from the post, then think who could get benifit from your personal financial information?

Friends, please make use of your common sense and be alert. I understad we all are fraustrated over ICICI bank but it not going to help you by publicizing your personal information. Please take care to safeguard yourself.

Colin is correct and if everybody starts thinking likewise, just imagine how many people in the offshoring industry will loose their job. Not only that, we will loose our reputation and all avenues for new business will be closed.

Friends, Please be alert.

At least someone has a sensible head on their shoulders. Now, just to try and get that message into the head of the 400+ other people that responded to that blog post. I hate to think of what is happening to my personal information that has been off-shored.

NOTE: This post was rescued from the Google Cache. The original date was Monday, 1st January, 2007.

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