RTFM on SQL Server 2008 (Spatial)

As a software developer I obviously have great difficulty in actually reading the fine manual before plundering onwards. It is only when I can’t get things to work or see what I’m supposed to do that I begin to think that perhaps there might be some useful nugget of information hidden away somewhere.

And so it was with the SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) June CTP. I’d heard that there was going to be spatial querying available in the next version of SQL Server, and so there is. It just won’t be available in the June CTP (CTP3). Nor will it be available in the next CTP (4) either. SQL Server 2008 Spatial will hopefully be available after that.


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  1. Ben Hall says:

    Hi Colin, I had the same issue when I first loaded the CTP. This time around, they are just including near complete features within the CTP for people to use and trust that it won’t break easily and be as close to what is going to be in the RTM. I think they don’t want to promise loads and then have to cut features at the last minute because they wasn’t complete.I’ve gone over some of the new features on my blog incase your interested. One good thing about this style is that you can focus your attention more on what is included, instead of half baked possible features.Ben

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