Technology Trends – October 2010 update

Around this time last year I wrote a blog post showing technology trends for browsers and operating systems as reported by Google Analytics for my blog and some mainstream websites. Since then the world has moved on and the trends continue to evolve. New technology arrives, old technology slowly withers. For the moment, it is […]

Why can't customer services actually be helpful?

I’ve noticed that when ever I have to get in touch with customer services for after sales advice then I get a really bad service. I tend to get stock answers that suggest the person who responded didn’t really read my inquiry. Often they will tell me how important I am, but that really is […]

Technology trends through Google Analytics

I’ve been looking at various Google Analytics stats to see some recent technology trends. This started out as me being simply curious about what technologies people were using to access my blog. But then I got to thinking that it would be interesting to see how the statistics on my (Microsoft/Technology focused) blog fair with […]

Google Analytics not reporting Windows 7 users

It seems that Google Analytics is not reporting Windows 7 users properly. According to the stats for my blog I’m getting an increasing number of people browsing my blog from Windows NT. I would guess that the operating system is self identifying as Windows NT 7.0 which is why Google Analytics is putting the visits […]